2004-02-24, 12:24 a.m.,

I'm formally accepting my new job. I start on Thursday, I kinda feel like the new kid in school, going somewhere without knowing anyone, but knowing everyone will be sizing me up, making first impressions.

I've had a lot in my head the last week or so and just no way to put it down.

Last week as I was walking out of my job interview (for the job I got) I saw this girl come out of the Music Academy and she was absolutely beautiful. I walked behind her all the way down the street not being able to stop lookign at her and I actually was disappointed when we got to the train station and she went down the stairs out of my sight.

I wonder if people know that they have effects like that on other people. Like this girl just going about her day having no idea that soemone is watching her thinking "she's absolutely beautiful." She made me wish like crazy I had my camera, but them I'd be stalking a stranger really, snapping pictures of some girl just going about her day. I think people should know that they have that sort of effect on strangers, I think it would have done her confidence good. She didn't seem like the type of girl who knew she was beautiful, but what do I know, I've never met her.

And I guess it would be incredibly freaky for a stranger to just go up to her and tell her so.....but yeah...just thinking.

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