2004-03-15, 10:08 p.m.,

So tomorrow after work I get to take the other bus home from the city and go to the doctor's surgery and wait in that endless waiting room to find out what the deal is with my bloodtest results.

It's absolutely crazy and makes no sense and I have no reason whatsoever to think this, but even still, eight years after the fact, i get so paranoid about bloodtests because of him. Eight years and I think it's safe to say that I'm fine, but everytime I get a bloodtest I think of him and how much I hate him and how everyday I hope he thinks about not just me, but all of us, every girl he's made nervous of a fucking bloodtest for the worse possible reason, almost a decade later......

I was shakey all day today, like really shaking. I get the shakes so bad now. It worries me a bit. My bet is diabetes....anyone want to take me up on it?

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