2004-03-23, 9:09 a.m.,

I had something interesting happen this past weekend that I forgot to mention in my post yesterday. Some of the furnitutre we ordered arrived this weekend and one of the pieces had this wooden board stapled into the botton to prevent it from moving and getting banged up in transit. The staples that held it were those thick industrial wood staples. So anyway, I removed the piece of wood and walk around to take the cardboard protection stuff off and what do I do? Oh yes, I stepped down on the staple and into my heal it went.

Being ok with pain I just kinda stood there for a second, biting my lip and thinking "fuck, now I have to pull this thing out and that's what's going to hurt more." Just about then, my beautiful girl comes out, see's the board now nailed into my heal and says "I have to pull that out don't I?

Being a trooper she gave it a yank and the blood came...and my heal hurts like a fucker still. And I can't remember when I had a tentnus shot last.

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