2004-04-07, 9:02 a.m.,

There's so many things I hate about today:

1. After sitting in a meeting last week and having our managing director sing the praises about how I've "gone the extra mile" to book some amazing keynote speakers from overseas and having all my co-workers now look at me like some kiss ass who has overdone herself to impress the boss with my first show (when really it waas just blind luck..) Today I find out that they cancelled out...BOTH of them. And my deadline to have all my speakers booked is tomorrow.

2. I've realized that sometimes, no matter what you do or say, some things are absolutely beyond your control. When someone is continuaully dishonest all you can do is just accept it, hold your breath and know that the only person you'll ever really know honestly and entirely is yourself. Because some things just aren't worth getting your heart broken over. Sometimes my expectations exceed what people are capable of. And that's ok, I just need to remember to stop being disappointed.

It's absolutely everything I can do today to not get up from my desk, find a private quiet place and cry. But I'm in the middle of a city...there is no place quiet or private.

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