2004-04-12, 5:31 p.m.,

I'm very happy about two things today.

#1 I have discovered a bokstore beyond all bookstores. It's privately owned (yay for the little guy) and it's small and when you walk in it's almost entirely gay/lesbian themed books. Girls tot he right, boys to the left. But the back room of the store has all the general fiction and regular bookstore stuff. Here's the cool part. They already filter out all the crap that fills up the shelves of regular bookstores. No Danielle Steel, no crap, just good stuff. And nice people and a great vibe. AND...I found a place that sells Slit Magazine, only the coolest magazine for Dyky girls with amazing photography work..... see: http://slit.cat.org.au/

*but be warned, it's oh so risque and yummy....*

#2 is that I realized last night after a fantastic romp with the wife that I will never ever ever have bad sex again. Never.

*Happy Gwennie*

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