2004-04-15, 3:26 p.m.,

The elevator in my building at work is constantly breaking down….all the time. Usually 2 or three times a week and from what I’m told it’s really just a matter of time before you get trapped inside it. In fact most of my co-workers here know the elevator repairmen by first name.

Today was my turn.

I went for coffee down the street with a co-worker doing the afternoon run for the rest of our team. We all rotate as far as who gets to go on the scary trip down the alleyway and bring back coffee for everyone else. Today was my turn and a co-worker named James. So off we go and upon our return there was me, James and a little Japanese girl named Judy (who is absolutely precious by the way.) So up the elevator goes and there we stand, coffee cups in hand and the elevator tugged a bit, stopped, made a little grinding noise and dropped a bit. Not a dramatic drop like in movies, just a tiny bit. And then nothing. So we hit the floor button again and all the floor button lights go off. We were goiong nowhere.

Judy (having worked in the building and trapped in said elevator, not once, twice or three times, but now 4 times. Knew exactly what to do, she hits the alarm button and suddenly out of nowhere a voice from the control panel says “241 Commonwealth St?”

So I spent 20 minutes getting to know James and Judy and when we returned with cold coffee our names when down on the “Survivor List” kept at the front desk. Apparently they have to keep a list of when the elevator broke down and who was inside it. So now it’ll live in infamy.

And I thought getting stuck in an elevator only happened in movies….

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