2004-05-19, 6:50 p.m.,

My job is taking over my life and swallowing it whole, no chewing, just one big gulp and then gone.

I love what I do, the trouble is the amount of it I'm expected to do. The amount of events my company puts on every year in proportion to the staff... really you'd laugh if I told you.

But the two little asian girls who smile and say hello and remember my coffee now without me ordering it, yeah they make me smile....and my friend who I meet at the bottom of my building to walk to the train station bus stop. He brings me hot chocolate most days. If I'm working late, I call down to penguin books on level two and have the receptionist tell him so he won't go to the trouble. That's my day. And today it was so bad I nearly cried.

But I go away on friday and I can sleep all weekend if I want to.

And this morning my mother told me she thinks I'm brave. It made me remember how much I love her.

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