2004-05-29, 12:38 p.m.,

Yesterday everyone at work pissed off at 2 and my boss (who's last day it was) took us downt o the wharf to this overly pricey restarant and we had this huge lunch and darnk until 6. Then she sent everyone home in cabs and paid for the lunch with her expense account. It was the best day ever.

I got a gold membership for my diary so I can start putting pictures and stuff in here. If I ever get time to do it. It's made my diary look all weird and I still have a bit of work to do on it, but it's ok.

We went to this dykes on mikes thing last night Kareoke night, so lame. I can't beleive they sold out on people buying tickets to watch people sing badly. Anyway, we went to the bar downstairs and I met lots of Yankees. It was nice chatting with Americans, I had a little american team and it made me a bit homesick.

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