2004-06-05, 5:37 p.m.,

So my hair's gone. Short to the chine and it's become really curly. Sometimes I look in the mirror and love it other times I don't recognize myself.

A good friend of mine has been in vegas for ages and is completely incommunicato. Doing heaps of drugs and probably having lots of sex with a boy who's gay and won't think twice about her once the booze wears off. (If this isn't true darling, email me and say so...where the hell are you???)

Sometimes I forget how much I really love U2. Pre pop mart u2. Achung Baby and zooropa have so much in them that mean so much to me. Silly isn't it how a cd can make you feel so...well far removed from who you once were.

Maxie is still away, the bed was freezing without her in it last night. I barely moved under the blankets to keep from touching a cold spot. I woke this morning to find the blankets still nearly perfect.

I'm going to indulge myself this weekend in lots of me time. Going to work on the book and get the bloody thing done once and for all so I can start writing a new one. This one must get out of my head.

The house seems haunted with her in it.

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