2004-07-01, 4:46 p.m.,

yesterday a women I work with who is about 50 told me she wished I were her boss....I found that really strange. I told her I can'tbe her boss because I'm still a kid. Then she reminded me I'm not too far from 30 and I got a bit depressed....

I felt fine yesterday, went out for a few hours and woke up this morning feeling like I inhaled a motherload of chalk, everything's is dried out, my sinuses. Major headaches. I hate winter. Hate winter so much I'd easily move to a tropical climate and live happily forever.

I was offered a job in singapore a few days ago, seriously.

Long story not really worth telling.

The only good thing about today so far is thinking about the right proper shag I got from the girl last night..... (you know you love me)

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