2004-07-05, 9:46 p.m.,

Sometimes I just marvel at how well my girl puts up with my absent mindedness. Two years ago I got her this print for her birthday and for two years we've been looking for a frame to fit it. One that woudl suit the wall behind the sofa and finally on sunday we found it. And it was the last one. So we bought it and brought it home and while Maxie was in the kitchen triming the print a bit to ensure it fit propery I put the frame down on the living room floor to properly secure the wiring to hang it up. And what do I do?? Crawl over the frame to reacht he other side (because it's a huge print and I put my knee down on the glass?


Because I'm an absent minded fuckhead. I put my knee down hear and feel a "Pop" and for a brief fleeting moment I think "maybe it didn't break" Maybe I didn't just break something we've spent ages looking for. The last freaking one in the shop....

But alas, when I picked up the frame I hear it, The jingle jingle of tiny pieces of glass falling to the carpeting.

At least all we have to do now is get another piece of glass cut. At least I didn't break the frame.

Oh yes, I get the idiot award for absent minded space cadets.

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