2004-07-08, 4:07 p.m.,

Now that I have a snazzy gold membership on my diary (so I can put in photos and crap--which I don't do yet..but I will I swear I will) I have this little button that shows me stats about my diary like how many people visit and how they found it.

Oddly enough I discovered that someone found my diary by searching google about noxzema....

Nopw I'm sure I've made it known how much I love the stuff and how I'l a total addict for it and since I've moved to the wide open space of Australia there is none of it.....

But yeah, weird. Maybe it was the proctor and gamble people willing to send me a lifetime supply.

In the meantime I'll keep having mom mail it from home.

*Good bless my mommy and the good people at proctor and gamble who make noxzema.*

p.s. this is not a shameless plug for proctor and gamble. If I find out they do animal testing or something wretched and awful. They will certainly be on my Yucky companies I hate list.

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