2004-08-03, 10:03 a.m.,

Today we find out if we get out new place. I'm excited but also a bit worried comsidering how my morning is going so far.

Starting tomorrow I'm running my first 3 day event at the convention centre for work. Yup little me, 300 and some CEO's who've paid about 3 grand to be entertained and educated by me and the speakers and exhibition I've arranged for them. Scared?? Oh yes, very very much so. I can't event make any sort of comaprison.

The new event I'm putting together, I've invited a speaker, arraged for all his details to get to Australia. He's the keynote international presentation and I've spent a huge amout of time and effort to get this guy here. Yeah, he died last week.

These things only happen in my world.

Took Sara (my little sister from the Big sister's program on our first outing to the pool on Saturday, She rocks. I forget how cool it is to be 7.

The next three days I'll be working obscene hours and under an unbelievable amount of stress. Hope I survive.

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