2004-08-29, 10:32 p.m.,

The end of the weekend....

Sunday nights are always so depressing when you just can't think of going back to work without getting a solid knot of dread in your stomach.

The weekend was full of pleasant surprises. The house is finally starting to feel like home.

However I did get this email from a long time ago ex. You know the email. The ones that say "I've been thinking about you a lot lately and when we first broke up I really hated you but now I'm over it and I wanted to write you years years and years after the fact and tell you that I'm happy and want you to be happy and that I forgive you and hope you forgive me.

Can people be any more self righteous.

Here's a hint to anyone thinking of writing those types of letters. DON'T.

They are so self indulgent and pathetic and just scream "I'm not over it yet." Clearly if she were over it she wouldn't think twice about me and where I am and what I'm doing. Right?

Or am I comepletely wrong here?

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