2004-11-24, 10:42 a.m.,

Never ever underestimate the importance of being able to choose the design on the box of tissues when you go shopping.

I ordered groceries online a few days ago and scheduled to have them delivered. Ordering a box of tissues I thought to myself "should I do this? perhaps I should choose a box that matches the designer motif of our bathroom, then I realized how silly this was and ordered them blindly thinking "it's a cardboard box--get over it." Not to mention the tissue are kept up on top of the medicine cabinet which is so high no one would ever pay much attention tot he box anyway.

Groceries arrive while I was at work and My lovely other half being home unpacked them all.

Yesterday morning I'm half asleep, brushing my teeth and literally shocked to the point I had to do a double take at how absolutely ugly the box was. Neon lime green with slices of kiwi fruit on it.

It's so ugly I'm ashamed to admit I paid money for these tissues.

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