2004-12-07, 10:53 p.m.,

Just starting the new book and I'm not entirely sure as I'm starting to get grief about finally completely finishing the first and never yet sending it to a publisher or anything.

Anyway, I think i'll just spend time working on the new one...see how it goes.

Things are still all gossip filled at work. We had our team lunch today and one of my co-workers declares to about 12 of my other co-workers "I think Gwen was the most propsitioned person at the party...evryone was off their face and wanting to get into her knickers."

To which I very quickly replied "Um, I think it was more a curiousity and novelty thing more than it being about me."

Even still....it was a bit of an ego stroke.

What's new? Hmm...Xmas in Australia. It fills nothing like Christmas. My mom nearly died when I told her that we probably won't be putting up a tree. It just isnt a proper Christmas to me here. No disrespect to the Aussies.

My lovely lovely wife, just about a week ago surprised me by baking a turkey and a full Thanksgiving dinner, inviting all our friends around. She's amazing like that and I cried.

I'm a lucky girl lately.

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