2005-01-09, 3:29 p.m.,

It's so good to have a friend like her again, it's been so long. Years and years since I lived in the US when I was in Arizona and i had a friend that I could hug and kiss and cuddle and just pull into bed with me and just absolueltey love her because of who she is in my life. Not because I want to get into her knickers.

Then I moved away from Arizona about 5 years ago and have never had that again. I forgot how good it felt, how much I missed it until last night when the three of us we just falling asleep, curled up as close as we could get and just enjoying the closeness of each other.

It's sillyto try and write how much it means to me to have that again, because anything I say just sounds so cliche and average, but it doesn't feel cliche and average.....it feels more fortunate than I could ever claim to deserve.

And knowing that my girlfriend knows how much she means to me and adores her as well....what can I say? I'm so blessed to have an amazing woman like that....

Both of you are absolutely perfect. Sureal and genuine and just...well..yeah

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