2005-02-07, 4:20 p.m.,

Called in for the second interview for the "dream job"

Will she or won't she be the editor of Main Event Magazine.....to be continued.

So I'm called in this time to meet the managing director of the publishing company. He's very chatty and naturally as they all inquire "If you're an American living in Australia are you ok to work here and I answer. "Yes, my partner is here and I have Permenant Residency through my partner.

From then on it goes like this ...

"So you and your husband decided to move to Australia?"

me: "No I moved here to live with my partner who is an Australian."

them: "Oh that's lovely, what does your husband do?"

Now the feminist in me thinks I should say "My WIFE who while also being a dyke has retuirned to University and earns a living doing a variety of things...all of which have no bearings whatsoever on my ability to do this job, so fuck off."

But the me who really really wantd to be the editor of this magazine says "Max is studying at university and doing some free lance marketing work on the side." I let them assume whatever they like.

Appeasing people for jobs.....not rocking the boat. If only some really dykey lady interviewed me, I could feel comfy and maybe get preference for the job.

Anyway..we'll see what happens next.

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