2005-02-16, 10:01 a.m.,

I find out tomorrow about the editor job, they've been holding off, holding off, holding off.

However the last time I was there (meaning the 4th time I was there) the guy told me I had the job. Well, he told me I was the preferred candidate for the role and asked me to sit tight until they could finish all the contracts on thursday. (Tomorrow)

So this week I've been home being the housewife, going a bit mad and trying to find things to entertain myself.

Yesterday while my lovely girl was on her lunch break with a friend, I snuck into her work and left lilies and a really amazing art book on her desk.

I was so pleased with myself.

Oh yes, and my brother, it seems will be having a shotgun wedding as his girlfriend is now pregnant and her parents want a wedding NOW. Meaning I wont be able to fly back to America for it. I'm a bit bummed out about missing another big family thing, but it's the trade off for living so far from home I suppose.

Hopefully the big news will come tomorrow.

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