2005-03-01, 9:59 a.m.,

Everything seems to be in limbo lately. Still waiting on my start date and after speaking with the recruiter today I have a feeling it won't be for another month or so.

I went and did some temp work for a few days last week at this office smaller than our living room with this guy who had a strange likness to James Spader in Secretary. Creepy and weedy and so very anally retentive.

And I think he's asked me to come back for the next few weeks if my job doesn't start right away. Its a really long commute though, over an hour by train and then bus. But it's money.

Seems everyone is having a good deal of emotional issues lately and everyone's trying to sort through them around each other, trying not to step on toes or stumble but it just not quite that gracefull.

Anyway, signing my contract tomorrow.
About bloody time.

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