2005-03-06, 3:29 p.m.,

I have a feeling I'll be writing a record amount of entries today, so much in my head.

It's been an unreal, hellish nightmare of a week. On the brink of losing two people I love the most for something I have no means to mend and no real way to control the outcome, so I wait tick tock tick tock...for it all to fall down. My wavering house of cards.

Bruises on my legs from 2 days at adventure camp with my little sister, which apparently were the long awaited exit of Gwen. Two lost loves, screaming, tears, a birthday for a ghost and only 7 days to show for it.
So I'll swallow hard and hope I can surive the rest.

I've lived through worse haven't I? It's hard to recall anymore when nothing ever feels as bad as whatever your in at the moment.

My start date is March 14th.

I will disappear.

Just another 7 days.

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