2005-03-07, 10:03 a.m.,

It's only the beginning of March and so for in 2005 I've been taught some really important lessons.

1. Threesomes are very bad things. Threesomes involving your parter and you very best friend are a million times worse.

Everyone knows this, but at the time when you might think "we're all adults, it'll be ok, no one will get emotional" Trust me. It won't happen, it never works out.

2. It seems that it's always worth it to raise a little hell when things aren't exactly the way you think they should be. Even though I've always been raised that if it's not big enough that you're willing to fight to the death about it, then shut up. It seems that from now on, I need to kick up more of a stink about things. I accomodate far too much.

3. If you think it might be true, no matter how much you want to believe it's not and no matter how much energy you put into convincing yourself it's not. You're probably right--it is. People are rarely surprising.

4. Despite my rosie girl next door appearance, I apparently scare the shit out of a lot of people. I've been told this weekend that I'm someone to be wary of because she said "i don't ever know what to expect from you."

I told her--"good. I prefer it that way." And I wasn't just saying it because it was chemically induced honesty. I do prefer it that way.

5. Waiting around for something you really so desperately want may cost a fortune and leave you with nothing.. but when you finally get it, you feel like the richest person in the world. 6. Even though you may think that sending a pig's heart to someone all wrapped up in a very nice box is the perfect gift to convey your emotions-- don't start calling the local butchers until you've calmed down.

Can't wait to see what the next 9 months hold.

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