2005-03-08, 10:56 a.m.,

I can't believe how much I've been posting lately.. 2-3 entries per day...on a roll aren't I?

Not sure what to say lately except a collection of random and completely unrelated things. So here goes:

Yesterday in the train station on my way to work I saw that this shop was selling chocolate easter eggs wrapped in foil with big crosses on them. On the sign next to them it said “Chocolate Easter eggs, whatever price, Kosher.” Kosher???? Huh? Am I missing something?

My ring toe on my left foot has gone completely numb. I’m certain this has something to do with hours of dancing in stilettos last Saturday. Hope it doesn’t fall off, but then again if it did, I wouldn’t feel it anyway.

On the topic of feet though…when I went to take the rubbish out last Thursday, I was fumbling barefoot in our backyard trying to get the wheelie bin up out side walkway and onto the street when I stepped down to feel this crunching noise and popping sensation, then slime. Warm slime. And it hit me. When it rains we have an exodus of larger than life garden snails that take over our backyard. So what to do….?? Naturally I hobble around shaking my foot of all slimy feelings chanting my calming mantra of yuck yuck eww eww, yuck. Until I felt that I had successfully shaken all bit of grossness off my foot.

Upon inspection as soon as I entered the house, I found there was no trace of slimy grossness and I can’t find a dead crushed snail on the pathway. Was it in my head? Who knows.

I was feeling kinda shitty last night and under most circumstances I’d call my best friend for cheering up. Yeah..well…not bloody likely to be happening anytime soon. I did see her this morning. I was on my way to work and she was on the other side of the street walking to work with her coffee, reading messages on her phone. I sent her a text message saying “Good morning Ms walking down Druitt St drinking her coffee.”

She still hasn’t replied. So she thinks I’m stalking her or she still hates me for not letting her sleep with my wife and I anymore. Who knows.

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