2005-03-17, 9:15 a.m.,

Let me set the stage for a little story.

A girl gets an inkling a few weeks ago that her partner is fucking around on her. So she asks her partner and like all well trained partners they deny deny deny.

Thing is the girl is far smarter than the partner thinks she is and the girl also knew that the the fuck--ee was her very best Australian friend.

So 11:30 at night the girl gets this feeling, because she knows her partner all too well and can feel it, when her partner is so far away when somethin gis just not right. And she goes to the friends house with a knock knock knock onthe door watching the kitchen light at the back of the house turn on. Watching dark shadowy figures walk through the hallway, knowing she knows the layout of that house almost as well as if she lived there and thought to herself....

"what a bad B grade soap opera. My partner is sneaking out the back door while I'm coming into the front."

So she sits in the living room with the now ex-best friend and asks her to her face "why are you fucking my wife?" knowing the girl can't lie. She's as transparent and simple as they come. The ex-friend confirms it all and the girl sits there thinking "do I make more of a scene, haven't I already discovered everything I need to know without making it worse? Do I need to walk down the hall into the nedroom or onto the back porch and find her there for dramatic effect?"

And she decided no. she's better than that. So she walked out, politely thanked the ex best friend for finally being honest and went home.

An hour later when the other half gets the balls to call her, she's devestated at the hypocracy at the cowardice and the deceptions and lies and pathetic skirt chasing that all she can do is think about what a big fire all her now ex-partners belongings would make in the backyard.

Ex partner moved out yesterday, coming while the girl was at work because she's too ashamed to face her.

Where's it go from here?

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