2005-03-23, 1:51 p.m.,

I just had the best lunch hour ever! Working in the centre city is the best thing that could happen to me lately. After my retail therapy yesterday, I thought I was feeling really good and today I went into a cosmetics store with the intention of getting a decent moisturiser and this absolutely beautiful Asian boy comes up to me asking if I needed help, so I tell him what I'm looking for and he goes nuts, pulls out all these trays of makeup, starts making all these recommendations for my skin type.

Gives me a total run down of everything I should and shouldn't do for my skin and gives me a full on makeover...I mean everything: Toner, moisturiser, foundation, concealer, lips, eyes, cheekbones...this guy knew more abut makeup than any girl I've ever met.

And he's just raving with the compliments about how my skin is what's known as Renaissance because I had the whole red hair and white skin thing. Totally just going on and on about how beautiful I am (and let's face it, who doesn't want to hear that???) Especially now, it's such an ego boost. Even though I'm not na´ve enough to think it was entirely genuine.

So yeah, total makeover and $100 in cosmetics later and I look fantastic!!!! I invited this guy to my place every morning to do my makeup. He said "you're boyfriend won't like that" and I said "it's cool, I'm a lesbian" to which he responded "darling, you just got prettier."

I think I just made a lifelong friend. I'm totally sure this guy pulls this on every girl who wanders in without makeup staring hopelessly at everything there, but seriously...I want to marry this man.

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