2005-04-06, 10:27 a.m.,

After that long flight, a ong flight which was delayed becaquse we had to taxi the runway for 15 minutes longer trying to get to the gate....

All I wanted was to see her and feel like all the business of the week was worth those coming home minuutes.

I couldn't sleep for hours last night, my body still two hours behind in another time zone and at 2 a.m. when it was only midnight for me, I couldn't stop staring at those long, eyelined, black as black eyelashes and how the little wisps of her hair get tangled into them.

And just for the record, I love that she wears those gypsy-like bracelets to bed, and that her hipbones jut out to fit inside my palm like a handle and that i can secretly tell her things on her left side, knowing that she can't hear me, but knows I'm speaking because she can feel my lips moving.

It's a bit scary and dangerously full-on intense and after our long "housekeeping" discussion last night, I think we're both in a good place to make sure this doesn't fizzle fast.

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