2005-04-21, 3:15 p.m.,

Can't believe how much I've been writing in here lately....

I glanced over to my co-worker sitting next to me and see that she's on the FBI's 10 Most wanted Fugitives internet site. She's also looking at a missing person's website.

This should probably concern me, but it doesn't. She's this very funny Dutch girl who's always doing very strange things quietly. Wonder if she knows something....

I have a really obnoxious co-worker (there's quite a few actually) who insists every day on inviting me out to join her for speed dating and is always asking me if I want her to find me a nice guy. Monday I told her I'm a dyke. She finally stopped. However, creepy boy with the love for "Shaun of the Dead" re-enactments has also stopped saying hello to me in the morning, Well... stopped speaking to me altogether. I think I may have broke his heart a little bit. Shattered his dream of us having a million red headed kids who will climb all over the sofa and assist us in acting out his favourite movie.

Last night we went out and met up with some friends for a few drinks, It was so nice to catch up. They really like her (the girl) and my friends keep telling me how happy I look, how different I seem. Last night I bumped into someone I haven't seen in about a year and first thing she said to me was "What have you done to yourself? You've lost all this weight and you look so happy..."

Last night a friend of mine said to me "I don't care if you love her or not, I do." and I looked over and we just watched her chatting to my friends and it hit me...I could. I really could very easily love her. So easily it's a bit frightening.

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