2005-05-10, 11:36 a.m.,

I reckon the girl I sit next to at work spends about 80 percent of her time looking on the FBI most wanted and missing persons website. No joke.

And worse is the guy who sits over the partition speaking baby talk to his girlfriend (at least I hope it is) it goes something like this:

Him: Ok sweetie, I'll speak to you later....no no I love you....no I love you more....no you hang up first. Ok sweetie lets hang up together at the count of three.. One Two three....haha, you didn't hang up either. Ok, I love you, no I love you more....

It's really tragic.

In my entry yesterday I didn't mention that I went to a really good psychic on Friday. He didn't so much tell me a huge amount that I didn't already know (although he did tell me a few things for the future) it was really good to hear many things I've suspected confirmed from a non-biased source.

It's sometimes very good to hear what's in your head all along come from someone else's mouth, but it's given me a different perspective on things and things are changing around me, hopefully for the better, but who really knows anymore?

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