2005-05-09, 2:52 p.m.,

So much to write and yet I don't want to make this entry a novel-length one.

So let's start with the big things:

My book will be published by Christmas!!!!!!!!
(In theory) Well, it depends on how fast I can get my ass moving on a few things and get some money together. So I need to let the editor finishing having a last read of it, get it properly formatted and design a cover, write up a bit for the back cover and off it goes to the press. The good news is that the publisher will have it listed on amazon, barnes and noble and all that good stuff. So yay!!!

Secondly, the weekend. Wow. Amazing how everything just disappears when you get far enough away from it all. We locked ourselves up for 3 days in the mountains in this amzing studio and it was like a time warp. The place was all decked out 1920's style, jazz music, HUGE fireplace, wines, cheeses, chocolates, all these little treats and nice things to make it so comfy. Then as we arrived it started pouring down rain, for the next two days. It couldn't have been better. We managed to get out for a few hours on Saturday in the drizzle to wander around the little shops and galleries in the town and just had a really great time of it all. So relaxing.

Then we came back yesterday and did mother's day with Nicole's mum and then off to her birthday party where I met a fair bit of her friends. For someone with a social phobia it was a bit of big deal getting all her friends around and I could just sense how tense and uneasy she was, but her friends are really great and although I had met a few of them before, it was really nice to put faces to the names I'd heard about. So we had a few (and a few too many ) drinks at the opera house overlooking the harbour until they closed it down then home we went, wishing desperately it wasn't a school night because I really wasn't feeling in top form this morning.

On friday I had a huge scare where for a few hours I thought my visa was going to be revoked. Truth be told, there still may be a slight chance that it may, but the lady assured me that I should be ok. Stupid me didn't change my address when I should have. I found a letter under my bed (where all the important things are kept) saying how our 2 year mark was from when we lodged the application, not when it was granted. Which means I thoght I had until August, but it was all meant to be due in April. SO I rang up to find they'd been trying to contact me and scheduled for my visa to be cancelled (as they already sent me a letter to the wrong address informing me) on Monday. Today.

I was very lucky though because my case officer left his snazzy job at immigration and transferred his cases to someone else and never closed my appilication. Basically when my new case officer comes in tomorrow I have to call her, kiss some serious ass and apologise profusely for not being in contact with them.

Seriously kiddies. Don't fuck with immigration. Even the little things like changing your address when you move. Oh yeah, they can fuck you hard. And secretly I think they enjoy doing it.

So after my initial panic of seeing myself on a plane in 28 days being deported...yeah. It was an exciting Friday morning. Good bloody thing I found that paper when I did. I doubt it was a coincidence.

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