2005-05-23, 1:19 p.m.,

My Quiet Weekend Recap:

On Friday I had to spend a few hours in the doctors office for a few reasons. Cervical Cancer runs in my family and My sister has had a few scares. When I went to that psychic a few weeks ago he told me she was going to have another scare very soon and although it would slow her down a bit, she shouldn't be worried as it'll be easily remedied. She's back in hospital again, but seems to be doing ok. Meanwhile I'm at the doctor because I've got a heap of history when it comes to things like ovarian cysts and girlie things that drive me mad.

However, my doctor assures me that if I have a child, most of this will go away. Not sure that's going to happen anytime soon.

Had the family dinner thing on Friday night and Saturday had a great morning with my little sister as my girl and I took her to Fox Studios for the day. She was on the trampoline bungee thing, eating candy, and painting plaster turtles, having a great time. I had a great time with her. Something about hanging out with the simplicity of an eight year old just makes things ok. Especially a girl like her, who's in this program because she gets no attention in her home environment. Every time I pick her up she runs up to me with big hugs and a smiling face. She's started telling people I'm her real sister....kinda strange when her mum and I are only about 4 years apart.

Saturday night the girl and I went to a play in Wooloomooloo, and when I got home, we were surprised at around midnight with my friend popping in because they met chanel cole and know how smitten I am. They got her to write me a letter, took photos of her writing it. This has resurrected my ongoing "Chanel is the most beautiful creature in the world" crusade. (No offense to my girl)

We did our baked dinner yesterday. It was great to catch up with friends. We've become really "housey," the girl and I. I was thinking last night as I was looking at her that she's really all the best qualities that I really loved about both Katelyn and Abby without any of the drama and instability. Like if I could pick and choose everything I loved about both of their personalities and merge them into one person, she has all those traits and so many really unique ones of her own that just make her...well perfect for me.

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