2005-05-31, 9:47 a.m.,

Canít believe how fervently Iíve been writing in here lately.

So today Iím finishing off my statement and hopefully Iíll have all my paperwork to immigration within the next two weeks as itís due at the end of June. Canít wait for it all to be out of the way. Itís kind of weird because we worked so hard to get the initial one finished and submitted and it was such a long and heavy process that it made this follow up seem like childís play, barely a ripple. And now, I suppose because of the situation itís become this huge stressful thing again when it should have been so easy. Something so easy to prove and so easy to provide.

Iíve discovered the itunes on my Mac at work and Iím falling madly in love with this little appleÖ.music all day long, endless endless musicÖ.

Thanks SarahÖ.you said it well.

I knew you wanted to tell me
In your voice there was something wrong
But if you would turn your face away from me
You cannot tell me you're so strong
Just let me ask of you one small thing
As we have shared so many tears
With fervor our dreams we planned a whole life long
Now are scattered on the wind...

In the terms of endearment
In the terms of the life that you love
In the terms of the years that pass you by
In the terms of the reasons why

Through the years I've grown to love you
Though your commitment to most would offend
But I stuck by you holding on with my foolish pride
Waiting for you to give in...
You never really tried or so it seems
I've had more than myself to blame
I've had enough of trying everything
And this time it is the end...

There's no more coming back this way
The path is overgrown and strewn with thorns
They've torn the life-blood from your naked eyes
Cast aside to be forlorn...

Funny, how it seems that all I've tried to do
Seemed to make no difference to you at all...

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