2005-06-03, 4:25 p.m.,

Ok, I'm officially sold on get a Mac when I get my laptop...seems I've finally been converted. That and also today I was on iTunes and discovered that I can listen to a radio station from Philadelphia that I listened to all while I was in University and for the few years after that I lived there. I nearly cried with the familiarity of the dj's voices and musicians I just don't hear in Aussie land. I'm a happy girl--and I'll never have to bring another cd into work again.

Alternatively, I've been continually distracted all day by her tiny little body. It's so unusual for me to be so absolutely continually turned on by a small framed girl, but for her, it works. And on me, it works. And she makes it so difficult to concentrate sometimes thinking about being awakened at 4:30 in the morning with those insistent kisses, just because. She makes the air around me so heavy and hard to breath sometimes. All this from a body so very small...it's baffling.

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