2005-06-16, 11:18 a.m.,

Seriously 9 days since I've written last....how slack am I being? Actually I've been in a bit of a spin lately. So busy that I think if I didn't breath automatically, I'd probably forget to do so.

Visa stuff is near submission. This time next week it'll be lodged. I can't wait to have that stress gone. Also I'm trying like crazy to get my book published before the end of the year, but with the magazine and trying to book my travel for December. Well..it hasn't been easy.

Oh yes, and I have to move out in one month. Whew...

Today they hired this girl to help with advertising sales on the magazine. Her name is Auralie and her name is pronounced Orally.
I can only imagine the taunts she must get. Perhaps the only consolation is that she's French and if she grew up in France I'm sure the word Orally doesn't sound like her name.

Poor girl.

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