2005-06-17, 2:17 p.m.,

Trying to keep in the habit of writing in this thing so it doesn't go slack..

Had such a perfect evening last night. Went into the city and did a bit of shopping, met the girl for dinner, we went to lush for all the lovely smelling treats, came home, took a bath and smoked a joint (in the bath), curled up in bed with the laptop so we could watch a movie and just vegged out. SO relaxing. Haven't had a night with nothing to do in such a long time it was so perfect.

It seems so strange to look at her and think that this is the next phase of my life, so many new things, new her, new career, new home soon....its scary and unfamiliar and exciting and just a bit of everything.

I guess it's nights like last night when I'm sometimes not so sure what I've done with the last four years of my life living in another country and going through the stress of staying there when the main reason you came doesn't exist anymore...well nights like last night reassure me that my life is going somewhere and just because I can't necessary control where it goes..well I guess that isn't a bad thing after all.

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