2005-06-28, 9:32 a.m.,

Can't believe it's been a week since I've written last. I really need to squeeze more days into my week, how else can I get everything done?

So we're house-hunting and I've heard it said, and I imagine it to be true, that looking for a new house is much like going on a blind date really. You get these photos of what it's meant to look like and then you rock up and it's disappointingly nothing like the pictures or you find a great one and someone else has already taken it.

So we continue to look. I shouldn't complain though, we have a pretty long list of what's required for us to take the place. Not really a unreasonable list, but I guess it's long by house hunting standards. So we keep looking...

But I did have this dream last night that me and someone else (who wasn't the girl) were looking for a place to live and we get to this huge mansion like house and a guy answers the door and tells me that yes the apartment is still available and when we go inside we discover that what they are renting is a HUGE ballroom with an adjoining room. So me and this random person were like "can we make our flat out of one huge ballroom??" I remember the ceilings were painted so elaborately and colourful and they were so very high up....

Wonder what it means, probably nothing since we were looking at houses online right before bedtime.

Much better than going to sleep right after watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Sunday Night...why? Why? Why do I do stupid stupid things like that to myself, keeping us both awake and terrified of what's lurking outside the bedroom door and trust me, the house I'm in gets freaky enough without the help of horror movies.

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