2005-06-29, 11:41 a.m.,

I'm sure at one stage all this will wear off, but right now things are sort of like what I imagine becoming newly rich to be like.....

On Friday I'm being flown to Melbourne to attend the reopening of the Grand Hyatt. This means that for Friday and Saturday night they are putting me and the girl up in the Executive suite with free dinner and drinks in the rooftop Executive Lounge, and breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning.

All so that I can come to their black tie cocktail party on Friday night and hopefully, write something about it in the magazine.


And apparently Vanessa Amorosi is the guest entertainer for the party as well as the private entertainer for the weekend for guest with access to the Executive lounge. Now if I'm not mistaken I think she's the pop princess who wrote that "Shine" song for the Olympics, in which case it's all pretty lame, but hey...free things and B grade celebrities are ok with me.

I've already mingled with Dicko last week....who's actually pretty bloody charming and fucking funny as all hell.

It's brilliant. Lame and very wanker-esque really, but hey might as well enjoy it, right? I totally don't really belong here and in most cases it's this sort of scene I'd be the first to make fun of, and I'm sure it'll wear off soon, but yeah it's ok for right now.

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