2005-07-12, 10:47 a.m.,

Two entries in less than 24 hours...What an overwhelming emotional day yesterday.

We started talking very casually on Saturday and then decided on Sunday (the girl and I) that we would buy the house. Not because we were ever looking to buy a house together but because the one I'm in now is up for sale and it's selling so cheaply and it's just the perfect investment to renovate it and sell it, well it just made sense to do it.

So we called the real estate, looked into loans, started the research and it was all looking really easy and really positive.

But then after chatting with with the Ex, because it seemed only fair that I ask her how she'd feel about it and having a long think and a long chat with the girl about it last night. And yes it would be a great investment, but emotionally it would be a bit weird and dealing with people chatting and bickering and gossiping (as the crowd around me tends to do) well it might be a bit more emotionally than I thought.

So I got home yesterday and opened my mail to find a letter from immigration saying that I GOT THE VISA!!! I immediately started crying both with relief and happiness that it wasn't looming and threatening to take away my life here in Oz and send me packing. So I called her, in tears, just to share with there the news that it was all finally over and that we had finally made it. All the stress and the drama and four years of our time and money and now that's it....done.

So amid our excitement and everything going on the girl and I had a long long very honest chat about the house and how we both want to do it but maybe it just isn't the best thing to do right now. So we're going to wait and see what happens.

It's been an absolutely exhausting one yesterday and today I'm heading to immigration for the brand spanking new stamp in my passport that says certified permanent aussie.....

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