2005-07-22, 9:13 a.m.,

Some absolute idiot at American Express has decided to just pre-approve and mail me a Gold card with a $14,000 limit. Just like that.

I got it in the mail yesterday. I didn't apply for it, didn't request information, nothing. They just sent it to me and said "ring up to activate it, if not throw it away."

So I did exactly as they expected me to do. I went shopping.
I bought a fucking sexy laptop that does so many exciting and cool things. My girl has assured me that owning this thing officially makes me the sexiest person she knows (she's a girle Computer geek, god bless her.)

I've never been one to really get into this sort of thing, but the idea of being able to burn dvds and watch tv on my laptop and store more music than I'll probably ever listen to in a lifetime is pretty cool.

Oh yes and I can now get my ass in gear to get my book all put together and get a cover designed. Yay!!!

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