2005-07-25, 8:54 a.m.,

On Friday I Was given two tickets to see Delta Goodrem by the Sydney Olympic Park. Now if there's anything I hate more than Delta Goodrem, I can't think of it.. Oh yes, Celene Dion and Chickens. The three of them together pretty much sum it up.

So I had to call the Stadium and say thank you for good measure and my contact there says "is two enough...the show is tonight, but I can give you more,..would you like more? I can give you 8." I politely declined and then sat at my desk wondering what in holy hell am I to do with two tickets to a show I'd rather lose an arm than attend?

So I start ringing around and call a friend of mine who works for a promotions company thinking at least maybe she could use them for her magazine. She laughs and informs me that she's been trying to give away about 6 tickets all day as well. People won't take the things. Finally at about 3 p.m. A lady I work with tells me that her 11 year old daughter likes delta and she'd be happy to take them to appease her daughter. Whew*

That was hard work.

Then 5 p.m. Came and off I trotted to the four seasons for my night of pampering courtesy of the mag. So I meet the girl at the hotel at 5 and we go up and spend a few hours in the room which was absolutely fucking amazing. Huge picture windows on the 31st floor that overlooked all of Sydney harbour. Then we go downstairs to dinner. Come back up around 9, so full of really amazing food and wine and find that someone has come to our room to deliver little "complimentary goodies" and turn down the bed linens, left us a little card to order our breakfast in the morning, all that lovely stuff. Friday night was so perfect and relaxing and just romantically beautiful. At about midnight we opened up the curtains over the harbour and from our bed we could just cuddle up and watch the lights of the boats, the lights of the bridge and the headlights of the very few cars that pass over during the wee hours of the morning. So we just watched them and chatted and it was like the whole city was a beautiful film playing silently solely for us.

The at 10 in the morning we get a knock at the door and in strolls the room service man. Now I was expecting the normal room service sort of thing, but oh no...the guy comes in with this cart like thing that turns into a proper table with folding chairs and enough food to feed a small country. Sadly around midday we checked out but had a great wander around the rocks and it was just the beginning of a great weekend. Although I did spend the bulk of yesterday packing up the house.

Would be nice if I could just wake up and have everything unpacked in the new place.

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