2005-07-28, 4:18 p.m.,

I spent very nearly the entire day today at the Australian Travel Writers "lunch." It went on for about 3 hours and when I left they were just being entertained by am amazing belly dancer and waiting for dessert.

You see, it was sponsored by the Tourism bureau of Morocco and Emirates airlines. What a great little networking shindig in an absolutely amazing Moroccan restaurant. I'm at a table with a group of men in their 50's, charming travel writer's who have seen the world over and have done it all. Really amazing stories.

Oh yes the belly dancer, fleshy and giggly and tummy pudge (which is the point of being a belly dancer) so this girl built like me (pleasantly plump according to my grandmother) comes in does her thing and captivates the whole room. Every eye on her as the sexiest thing there and it was so bloody refreshing to see a girl who doesn't look like like a bleached haired pencil be admired....

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