2005-08-01, 1:08 p.m.,

Busy weekend, but I'm so excited to move into the new place. The more I think about it, the more promising it gets. Although right now, I'm tripping over boxes and feeling very disorganized, it's starting to get really exciting.

Off to Brisbane the end of next week and it'll be really cool to be in a city I've never been before and have everything sorted out for me. Hotel, tickets to events, tours of the city, although it'll only be two days and I'll be right smack in the middle of getting the new house put back together, it'll be a really great break. And, I'm really looking for ward to catching up with an old friend.

Went out this weekend and wandered into this children's clothing factory warehouse place...oh my god did I get all clucky and ended up spending a small fortune on clothes for my nephew and my new (still unnamed) nephew due in about 4 weeks.

I'm having baby issues big time lately. But if I remember it correctly I did the same thing when my first nephew was born. Must be it's just being so far away and being cut off from my family in times like this.

It's slightly ironic that people around me are suddenly so secretive when they've been hiding the truth already for so long, a little honesty might be what's best.

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