2005-08-04, 1:17 p.m.,

And I forgot to mention in my entry earlier this morning that when I was on the train today coming into work this random guy sits next to me and it's pretty obvious that he's a bit hard on his luck. So he leans over and asks me for spare change, digging into my pocket I give him what I had in my coat which was probably less than 2 dollars. He says thanks, waits a few seconds and leans over again, this time to ask me "Have you got someone that loves ya?"

Now I panic a bit on this inside, wondering where this is going....he sees that I'm seriously sussing him out before I answer this question and then says "you know, have you got someone who care about where you are?"

"yeah I do." I answer, still not sure where this is going.

So he looks back at the coins in his hand and says "ah, so then you don't need these, love."

My subway philosopher.

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