2005-08-04, 11:29 a.m.,

The move has begun and I can safely say that I absolutely adore the new place. It just feels very very right to be living there.

Next plan once we get settled is to book tickets for christmas travel. Travel plans have been a bit revised due to the fact that we discovered my dear girls parents have a time share in Venice. Oh yeah. Venice.So uess where I'll be celebrating the new year???

Yes so, Christmas in New York. We leave like 2 days after Christmas for a week in Venice and then to South Africa for about 5 days to do a safari and she can see her family there and home we go.

So excited to book the tickets. And my tara is going to be here in 4 sleeps.
As of Tuesday I'll resume my position as Aussie tour guide. We have this Sydney By Diva drag queen thing on tuseday, Bel Mondo has invited me to a party on Wednesday night so she can come as my date with my girl and I and then Thursday it's off to Brisbane with us. Wheee!

And now I think I just need to find someone to unpack my stuff sometime in there.

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