2005-08-16, 10:37 a.m.,

My darling Tara girl off on a jet plane the day that Tegan and sara are playing in Sydney. I know this really dissapointed her. Wouldn've been a great show to go to together.

Still in chats with the mag but offers are starting to trickle in, which is good, but again is going to put me into a weird position of taking something right away or holding out for what I really want when it might not happen. But I really cant let the mag go, not when I'm still getting more than 20 emails a day of people saying how happy they are with it. I can't write back to all of them and let them know what the deal is, it's simply too many to write everyday.

I'm really loving this house.Such a warm energy. The energy in the tempe house was so depressing and had a such a hostile feeling in two of the rooms...and I kept having those dreams about that woman.

However, I'm still having really violent dreams. Every night for the past 5 nights now I've had a dream which was based around someone trying to kill me r someone being killed. ANd in most cases the dreams are quite bloody and graphic. I could blame the horror flicks I was watching but I stopped watching those thinking it would help......hmm...not yet.

Any therapists out there want to give this one a go?

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