2005-08-26, 10:31 a.m.,

So I've signed a one month contract to help with the transition of the mag, this gives me a big fat out in case I decide that they are going to butcher all my hard work.

And I have a sneaking suspicion they will. but i can't prove it yet.

As soon as I walked into the office yesterday a roup of about 5 girls swarmed to size me up. Seriously, two of them were like öh I lik eyour jeacket, where did you get it, is it this seasons?" I suppose I can forgive them because they work on an apparel magazine. One give was so excited that they were hiring another girl so I could join the company netball team.

Yeah, it was a bit daunting. And the early morning commute will be a bit weird, but shouldnt be too bad I guess because I'll be working from the city/home probably two days a week.

Tomorrow I have a birthday party for my little sister who's now going to be 9 and then tomorrow night I'm going to this club to see some weird DJ that my girl is obsessed with until 3 a.m....should be an interesting evening, I think.

Oh yes. and I found a way to download season two of the L word from the US and I can't stop watching them, despite the fact that this season sucks serious ass in so many way. It's trash, but yet I keep watching. And what's with the new theme song? Oh my god do I want to pop my eardrums everytime it plays?

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