2005-08-29, 7:40 p.m.,

First Day at the new office and I swear that stepping of the train in that little town is like stepping out of an airport, It does feel like a different city entirely.

It's a long walk to work from the train station and a long walk back, plus a decent commute....I reckon there's going to be lots of walking on the cards for me.

Oh yes and unless I want to Lunch at Mr. Spagetti, I'm talking a stroll over the bridge to a decent lunch spot.

Anyway, I love this magazine, but with a one month contract to tolerate the commute, I may have to say goodbye.

Wow, this was a terribly boring entry.
At least I get to sit next to the editor of a beauty mag who is floded with freebie cosmetics and lovely things....thats worth it in a girlie sort of way.

OH yes, I totally forgot to mention that when I had my fuckerware party a few years ago, i may have statrted an epidemic, I've been invited to like 6 of them since.....sheesh.

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