2005-09-05, 10:11 a.m.,

Tis weekend was exactly what I wanted it to be. Such a great weekend with the girl and I went last night to see M play.

I needed to do it for a lot of reasons, mostly because the politics between our friends was gettign to be too much. Because if they invite her and hers than i can't come with mine. And it's really silly and too much. We are all adults and too much energy is being wasted hating a person because they lied to me. It's just as well as we tolerate each other for the greater good of everything and decide that we never have to be friends.

And also I needed to confirm a few things that I've wanted to believe but for some self-torturing reason, i could let myself. I guess sometimes it's too easy to assume horrible things and feel bad for yourself and everything around you. And now I feel a thousand times better for a thousand reasons.

And I'm still so stinking clucky, I'm seriously ready to steal a baby and call it mine. What the hell is it that everywhere I go there is preganant woman? Seriously. Everwhere.

I guess it doesnt help that we finished watching the last of the second season L word, perhaps I think mostly to get it over with. How painfully bad is season 2?

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