2005-09-13, 1:46 p.m.,

I'm seriously on a writing roll lately.

Everything around me seems to be buzzing busy again. I have a graphic designer who, although is quite arguably the most hyper-active woman on the planet (my girlfriend excluded) is so bloody fantastic when it comes to design I could just crush her. Seriously, she's so little I can't get over the urge to hug her so tightly and bite her little round cheeks (only after putting a thousand little peck kisses on them.) She's tragically cute and funny as hell and is doing my book cover for free.

Well not exactly for free, but in exchange for seats at the ARIA awards coming up in October, as I got a small stash of media tickets for the event and am now very fucking popular among the office crowd. I have also been given media room backstage passes for the event, 2 of them. But they have these restrictions on how they can be used, etc. Meaning I can't just bring my girlfriend.....which presents a bit of an awkward situation on who I'm bringing with me while my girl happily watches the show from the audience.

So the book is on the fast track to being complete now before the end of the year...AND will be available to purchase on all those flash online bookstores, etc. Kinda weird in a freakish sort of way, something so personal about Abby mass marketed in a commercial sort of way. She'd totally kick my ass if she could.

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