2005-10-03, 2:36 p.m.,

It's been so chaotic lately. Travel plans thwarted with the announcement of my brother's wedding in May, so our big round the word adventure is going to hold off until then. This time around I'm going to Hong Kong, Japan and then New York.

Coming back the same way. But only staying about 16 days total. Its better I suppose, the mag will require me back by then.

Long weekend was so relaxing and just fun really, gorgeous sunshine, we played tennis yesterday and I'm a bit crispy fried, but the sun is doing me a world of good. Oh and I forgot that last week something absolutely soul warming happened. I ran into a friend I haven't seen in 6 months, probably a bit longer, it was so nice to just sit and chat and we were just having great polite conversation (politely sidestepping sticky issues) and I said to her that I missed her face around and she said ˙eah, well I was really fucking irritated with you for a few months because you put that fake phoney assed bitch in my house and I barely ever felt like coming home because I couldnt handle her bullshit crying on my shoulder crap. Gotta love her for being so unafraid to just say things. I gave her a big hug and kiss and told her how fantastic I thought she was. Man I missed that girl. Anyway, it just made me feel a bit better.

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