2005-10-19, 9:53 a.m.,

It's only been two days since I've posted, but I feel like it's been ages..so much to say.

Last Friday I was offered the best media junket of my mag career so far. This cruise company has asked me to go on a 4 day trip snorkelling in the great barrier reef. I was so excited I was bouncing in my chair. Literally, couldnít sit still, I was so excited. So off I go in about 3 weeks.

Yesterday morning I did the Skywalk which for non Aussies, is this: You put on a crazy harness and jumpsuit and go to the top of Centrepoint tower, which is this tall needle looking tower in the middle of the city and you go all the way up tot he observation deck and then climb up this thing to the very tip top of the tower (the same height as the Eiffel Tower) and you walk around outside on these glass platforms and look at the city below you. Itís kinda scary and really exciting at the same time. Very windy. So windy that the platform shakes a bit which made me a bit weird, but once you get up there and see the view, you sort of forget that itís so scary. It opened officially tot he public yesterday and the first climb was for media. So I went. Anyway if you go to www.skywalk.com.au youíll get the idea.

Itís been pretty busy with work, keeping me out of the house so that I donít go mad being there alone. And most nights so far by the time I get home Iím so tired I just crash. Itís so strange because I just realised that since I first met my girl last march, weíve never been away from each other more than 2 days. Itís surprised me in a way. When I first met her we were both sorting through break ups and the night I met her, she joked around telling me that her job was a lesbian rebound counsellor. About seven hours of talking and joking and not being able to walk away from the other, she came home with me. And we spent the entire Easter long weekend, all three days, in my bedroom existing only on each other. Barely leaving to do anything but shower.

And I think maybe at the time, we were both preparing ourself for the very real possibility that we would never be anything to each other, That it would be a bit of a good time and thatís it. Iím not sure either of us ever really expected to have a relationship and be this affected by not having the other around.

But its a different sort of relationship. Its a pretty raw one in that we are both quite honest about how weíre feeling and not really concerned about trying not to argue out of politeness. We do drive each other mad at times, and we have moment when the thought of being apart is pretty tragic, but yeah...itís good. Her mom rang me last night to just check in and see how I was going and Iím having dinner with her this week. It just seems to work really well right now and I just miss everything about her.

Cant wait until Sunday when I get her form the airport. Not looking forward to being at the airport at 6:30 in the morning, but itíll be worth it for sure. I suspect Iíll be a very tired girl at the ARIA awards.

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